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Lissa Hall, USA Veteran & HUDSON

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Lissa came to paws4people in 2013 after over 20 years as a Paramedic. In her years on the job, she experienced many traumatic calls that never left her. After leaving the medic field, she found herself becoming a recluse in her own home. She often experienced flash backs, panic attacks, and had problems sleeping. After distancing herself from friends, family, and activities she once enjoyed, she knew she needed some help. Lissa acknowledges that it was WINDE, her first paws4people Assistance Dog, that helped her get her life back, and now hopes that a successor dog will continue to help on her road to recovery.

In December 2018, Lissa met a handsome Labrador named HUDSON and he brought a smile back to Lissa’s face! HUDSON will help Lissa by alerting to her rising stress levels, interrupting negative behaviors, and anchoring her anxiety. We cannot wait to see the wonderful things this team will do together!

HUDSON was named by The Wilson Family.

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