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Lindsey is a young adult who discovered paws4people while she was enrolled as a student at UNCW. She is diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, social anxiety, and OCD. Lindsey experiences nightmares and has a fear of going out in public and socializing, due to the traumatic events of her past. While she does get out to go to work, Lindsey is hopeful that an Assistance Dog will give her the confidence to rejoin society, and get back to the outgoing, fun and social person she remembers being once upon a time.

In December 2019, Lindsey met DILLON, a Goldador who loves life and everything that comes his way! DILLON will help Lindsey by anchoring to calm her during stressful situations. He will also alert her to rising anxiety levels and provide nightmare interruption. Lindsey and DILLON are a great team, and we cannot wait to see the amazing work these two will do together!

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