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Linda Schoorens & HAWK

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Linda experienced traumatic events during her childhood and teenage years. She has struggled with depression, anxiety, panic disorder and PTSD symptoms for a long time. In addition, two of her children tragically passed away unexpectedly. She often feels like she is dealing with all of this alone. She has flashbacks of events, and avoids places that remind her of her trauma. She has trouble focusing, sleeping, dealing with painful memories, and going places alone.

When Linda met HAWK, it was clear from the start that he would be her best buddy! HAWK will walk with Linda each day, and help her by anchoring her to rising anxiety, and paying attention to help minimize her hypervigilance. HAWK will also help retrieve her medication. These two are a great team, and there is nothing they cannot do together! 

HAWK was named by Dogtopia, Overland Park.

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