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LCDR William Ashton, USN (ret.) & SCARLET

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Bill spent 23 years in the US Navy and 21 years with the Federal Government. He is diagnosed with Degenerative Lumbar disease. This causes Bill to have difficulty with mobility, including walking long distances, transitioning from sitting to standing, and walking on uneven terrain. He has tried many different treatments to help alleviate pain symptoms, but has not seen significant improvement. Bill has a very supportive wife, who is always there to help. However, he believes having a Service Dog will give him more independence, and allow him to enjoy newly retired life!

SCARLET bumped with Bill in February 2023! SCARLET will help by bracing when transitioning from sitting to standing, helping Bill balance when walking up and down stairs, and will retrieve items out of Bill’s reach. SCARLET will also anchor to provide support when out in public! With SCARLET at his side, Bill will be able to lead a full and happy life with his wife and family!

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