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Kristen completed the paws4people ADTP while a student at UNCW, and was able to see firsthand how much Service Dogs can benefit their clients. Diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, Kristen often experiences hypervigilance when out in public, and has increased anxiety in busy and crowded locations. She believes having a Service Dog will teach her healthy coping mechanisms for working through her anxiety, and will allow her to live a life without fear of the world around her. 

Kristen and ENZO began working together in January 2023! A high-spirited Golden Retriever with a lot of love to give, ENZO will help Kristen by alerting to her increasing anxiety, and will anchor her, allowing her to focus on him as she works through tough emotions. He will also pay attention when they are in public places, lowering her startle response. ENZO will be Kristen’s best friend, and will walk beside her every step of the way!  

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