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Karen Lombardi, USAF Veteran &BIRCH

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Karen is a USAF veteran. She is diagnosed with PTSD and MST. She has frequent panic attacks, is hypervigilant, and does not like to leave the house. At night she does not feel safe, and has nightmares and trouble sleeping as a result. She is easily irritable, especially in loud and crowded places. Her symptoms keep her from being able to do the activities she once enjoyed and leave her relying on her two daughters to get things done for her. It is her hope that an Assistance Dog will allow her to really live again and give her quality time with her loved ones back that she has been missing. 

Karen met BIRCH, a sweet and loving Golden Retriever, in March 2020 and they took to each other instantly! BIRCH will help Karen by anchoring to her anxiety, alerting to her rising panic levels, and will pay attention when out in busy public places. This will allow Karen to walk through life without constantly looking over her shoulder. She will be able to rely on herself, and BIRCH, having the confidence to lead a full and happy life, once again! 

BIRCH was named by Active Care Chiropractic. 

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