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TSGT Karen Cassey, USAF (ret.) & LUCILLE

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Karen spent 18 years Active Duty in the Air Force, when she was diagnosed with cancer and PTSD, and was ultimately medically retired. Since retiring, she has had physical, neurological and psychological limitations.This leaves her feeling unsteady on her feet and she has trouble walking on uneven and soft terrain. Karen once led a very social life, full of travel and excitement. She is certain that having a Service Dog will help her regain her confidence, allowing her to truly experience life once again!

Karen met LUCILLE in February 2024, and their lifelong adventure began! LUCILLE will be there to help Karen navigate the world by retrieving items which she has dropped or are out of her reach, alerting others when she has fallen , and bracing to help her confidently transition from one elevation to the next. LUCILLE will also pay attention, alerting Karen to others behind her to lessen her hypervigilance and allow her to walk through life sure of herself and her surroundings!

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