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Kaelen is a sweet, reserved young boy who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. He struggles with new situations and environments, as well as loud and bright places, and copes with the overwhelming emotion by performing repetitive behaviors – banging his head, tugging his ears and waving his arms. His parents noticed that as he grew older, the continuous structural changes to his daily life were a challenge to Kaelen’s already introverted nature, so they began the search for an Assistance Dog to help. Their hope is that having an Assistance Dog will help Kaelen integrate into social settings more confidently, while also helping redirect his behaviors during emotional swings.

Kaelen met BELLE in March of 2019, and they became fast friends! BELLE is a loveable Lab who will help Kaelen by anchoring to his anxieties in new and unfamiliar settings. BELLE will also help interrupt negative behaviors, and will be there to provide Deep Pressure Therapy, teaching Kaelen healthy coping skills for his overwhelming emotions. Together, Kaelen and BELLE have a very bright future, and we cannot wait to see the wonderful things these two will do together!

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