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Jonah Demetriou & HUNTINGTON

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Jonah is a young adult who is diagnosed with epilepsy. He has tried medications and surgeries to control seizure activity but has found that they either do not work, or only work for short periods of time. As Jonah enters adulthood, he is looking forward to gaining his independence. With assistance, Jonah, his family, and his friends are optimistic he will lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Jonah met HUNTINGTON in 2023 and an instant bond was formed! HUNTINGTON will respond when Jonah has a seizure by pushing a button to get him help and will retrieve a medication bag. HUNTINGTON will also anchor to Jonah’s anxiety, allowing him to focus on what he is doing, rather than worrying about what may happen! With HUNTINGTON by his side, Jonah will gain confidence and independence, and be able to conquer the world!

We look forward to watching this team grow together!

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