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Joseph is a young boy who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. He utilizes multiple therapies to help him achieve as independent a life as possible. It was during his Occupational Therapy that he met and interacted with a paws4people Facility Dog, and his parents began to think about the benefits of him having a dog of his own at home. Joseph struggles with expressing emotions in a safe and healthy way, and often struggles with social interactions, making school and friendships difficult. Joseph’s parents are hopeful that an Assistance dog will not only become a best friend, but will help bridge the gap between Joseph and his peers!

 BETTE, a sweet-natured Golden Retriever, felt right at home as soon as she met Joseph! She will help him by interrupting negative behaviors, and give him a focal point as he processes difficult emotions. She will also provide deep pressure therapy, and anchor to his anxieties. Joseph will continue to gain more independence, and lead a fulfilling life, with BETTE right by his side! 

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