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Jeremy Buchholz & DORSEY

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Jeremy is a former law enforcement officer whose work experiences, combined with other traumatic experiences, has led to his diagnosis of PTSD. Jeremy experiences flashbacks and hyper-vigilance and tends to distance himself from people and activities he once enjoyed. He has also shied away from important tasks which may have required him to go into public and found himself relying heavily on his wife to accomplish these tasks. 

While Jeremy is a skilled craftsman and business owner, his business was suffering due to his PTSD. He believed having a Service Dog would give him back the confidence he was lacking to lead a full and meaningful life.

Jeremy met DORSEY in June 2021! Together, there is nothing this team cannot do! DORSEY helps Jeremy by paying attention in crowded places and anchoring Jeremy’s anxiety or alerting him if it’s time to leave. DORSEY also interrupts various negative behaviors Jeremy may begin unconsciously. This pair bonded instantly and we continue to watch them grow as a team! 

DORSEY is an Honor Puppy Named in Honor of U.S. Navy Veteran Dorsey Lee Black.

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