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Jennifer Brier, USMC Veteran & BONDI

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Jennifer spent 10 years Active Duty in the USMC. A service-connected trauma (MST) led to her diagnoses of PTSD and Major Depression. Jennifer experiences hypervigilance, frequent panic attacks and nightmares. She has trouble tolerating social environments, leading her to isolate at home. Jennifer makes a living helping other vets live their best lives through integrative health coaching, and continues to put others before herself. She knows it is time to focus on herself and believes having a Service Dog will give her the confidence she is lacking to live a happy, rich and fulfilling life once again!

Jennifer met BONDI in November 2021! A smart and fun-spirited Golden Retriever, BONDI will help Jennifer daily by anchoring to her anxiety and paying attention in loud and crowded places. This will allow Jennifer to integrate back into society, without constantly watching over her shoulder! BONDI will also help interrupt negative behaviors. We look forward to watching Jennifer and BONDI grow together as a team! 

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