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Holli Stewart & HEMINGWAY

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Holli is a young adult who is diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She often feels stressed, as though she is a burden to those around her. She has lost interest in hobbies and activities she once enjoyed, and has pulled away from friends and family. She finds herself staying to herself in her room for long periods of time. While she has a supportive family, as she gains more independence, she worries that she wont have the same support when she is away from home. Holli hopes that having an Assistance Dog will not only help her feel less alone, but also help her gain her independence, to be able to truly thrive in life. 

Holli met HEMINGWAY in July of 2020, and an instant friendship was born! HEMINGWAY is a lively and fun golden retriever, who will help Holli by anchoring to her anxiety, and alerting her to rising anxiety levels. This will allow Holli to settle herself before the panic truly takes hold, so she can return to what she was doing without feeling like she needs to leave. HEMINGWAY will also help by paying attention in crowded places, giving Holli peace of mind when she ventures out. We know that together, Holli and HEMINGWAY will have a life full of adventure and lasting memories! 

HEMINGWAY was named by Lindsay Orem and Family.

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