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Heather Schild & DECLAN

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Heather is a teacher at The Hill School of Wilmington, a small private school for students diagnosed with learning differences. Many of the students have dyslexia or some form of attention deficit and struggle to reach their full potential in a traditional classroom setting. While the students may shut down when trying to master new or challenging material, Heather believes a Facility Dog would help bridge the gap by making them feel accepted, and push them to do their best. 

DECLAN is a wonderful asset to The Hill School of Wilmington. She will be able to help students cope with their frustrations, as well as reduce their anxieties, and will help students feel successful as they read to her, without judgement.  Time spent with DECLAN will be used as a motivating tool in the classroom, and a positive incentive for the students to reach the academic goals set for them. 

We are excited to work with The Hill School of Wilmington,  and cannot wait to see the wonderful work this team will accomplish.

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