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Hannah McCallum & SULLIVAN

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Hannah is diagnosed with Social Phobia, PTS and ADHD. She has a host of medical issues that have impacted her physical and mental health. Hannah is a victim of sexual assault and although the incidents happened years ago, the memories continue to resurface which cause her to isolate. She has few friends and usually stays confined to the house. She is afraid to learn to drive, feels like she is a burden to her family and has panic attacks on a regular basis. She loves animals and can connect to them on a level that she can’t with humans.

SULLIVAN bumped with Hannah in March of 2017! She will help Hannah with behavior interruption, retrieval of a medicine bag at home when she has a panic attack, anchoring when she is anxious and by building a bridge to help her engage in society and have a better relationship with her family. SULLIVAN is sweet girl and we are excited to watch these girls grow together!

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