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Hailey Eason & GEORGEANN

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Hailey was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a very young age. She experiences frequent lows, and averages at least 2-3 severe lows a week. When her levels drop below 70, she becomes fatigued, shaky, and has trouble formulating sentences. Sometimes these lows happen while she is sleeping, and she does not always wake up to the alarm. Because of the unknowns associated with Diabetes, Hailey often finds her anxiety on the rise, worried about when the next low is coming, and trying to prepare ahead of time. While she knows having a Service Dog is not a cure, she hopes that having a dog to help detect low levels would also help lessen her, and her family’s, anxiety.

Hailey and GEORGEANN are a true dynamic duo! GEORGEANN will alert Hailey to her low insulin levels, retrieve her glucose meter and medication when she needs it, and will anchor to her anxiety.  GEORGEANN is a wonderful companion for Hailey, and together they will do great things!

Hailey has also volunteered with paws4people. She completed all of the classes and the ADTP program, Puppy Development Center certification, and Advanced K9 trainer. 

GEORGEANN is a Tribute Puppy named in Honor of George and Mary Ann Millush.

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