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Shortly after graduating from college, Grant had a diving accident that resulted in a C5,C6 Quadriplegia. Grant attended an extensive in-patient rehabilitation program where they had therapy dogs that would often visit the patients. It was these dogs that made Grant think a Service Dog would be a great tool to help him as he continues his road to recovery. In Grant’s mind, the combination of his hard work and determination, his parent’s unwavering support, and the unconditional love of a Service Dog will help him regain his independence and get him back to leading a full and happy life! 

Grant began working with UTAH, a hard working and motivated Golden Retriever, in 2022. UTAH will walk beside Grant every day, helping to retrieve items out of his reach, pushing buttons to help open doors, and will help with transitions, using the brace command. These two are an incredible team, and there is nothing they can’t do!
UTAH is a Tribute Puppy named in honor of Christopher George Campbell.

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