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Grace Vosburgh & HENDRICK

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Grace completed the paws4people ADTP at UNCW, served as an AK9 trainer, and has continued to volunteer for p4p since graduating. She is diagnosed with anxiety and depression. While she has experienced both diagnoses for as long as she can remember, it has been since starting college that she saw a drastic increase in anxiety symptoms. Grace suffers from nightmares she often cannot remember upon waking, and has developed negative behaviors such as finger picking and nail biting, and leg shaking. While Grace utilizes different treatment methods to cope with her diagnoses, she believes having an Assistance Dog will help her learn to process her anxiety in a healthy manner! 

Grace and HENDRICK started working together in January 2023.  HENDRICK will help Grace at home by interrupting negative behaviors, waking her from nightmares, and providing deep pressure therapy to allow for more restful sleep. Together, there is nothing this team cannot accomplish!

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