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Gabby is on the Autism spectrum. She has a very difficult time functioning outside of her bedroom, whether it is taking a bath, joining the family for dinner or playing outside. Gabby has a tendency to be reclusive. She wants to get in the car and go places but her anxiety is so extreme at times that she cannot bring herself to go to the park, walk on the beach, enjoy a restaurant, shop in the mall or attend classes such as art, school functions, etc. She is homeschooled because she spent more time in the nurse’s office due to anxiety than she did in the classroom. She is very loving but fearful of the world, different noises, new people, etc. Gabby has several ticks when she is nervous which include knee slapping, foot stomping, hand waving and repetitive vocals. She is considered high-functioning but her personality is complex with depression that stems greatly from her loneliness and lack of self esteem.

In December 2015 Gabby met WALTER, a beautiful Golden Retriever. WALTER is ready to open up the world to Gabby! WALTER will help Gabby have more self confidence in her daily routine. He will provide a sense of security to her when she is in public. He will alert to her anxiety and help decrease the worry she feels while she is out of her home. WALTER will also interrupt negative behaviors and wake Gabby up from her nightmares. He will bring happiness to her life and a sense of normalcy to her days.

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