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Evie Knight & CAMERON

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Evie is a bright and loving young girl, who is diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Evie loves people and animals, and has never met a stranger, but she can become overwhelmed and has trouble regulating her emotions. This can lead to emotional outburst and impulsive behavior. She struggles to focus on the task at hand, and often needs redirection from Mom and Dad. While her parents have many strategies in place to help Evie, they believe an Assistance Dog will further help her navigate life as she grows and matures! 

Evie met her new best friend, CAMERON in February 2021. CAMERON will help Evie by interrupting negative behaviors and assisting with transitions as she goes throughout the day. He will help motivate her to work through tough emotions and situations, and will cuddle with her, helping her focus when she has a hard day. We know with CAMERON by her side, Evie will have a bright future, with endless possibilities!

CAMERON was named by Mrs. Joy Smith.

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