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Eva is a young professional woman who lives in Maryland. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with several medical conditions that altered her life greatly.  It was difficult for Eva to make and maintain close friendships.  Her peers did not understand her condition nor did they know how to help her.  Though her teenage years were difficult, Eva has pushed through and is thriving as an adult, thanks to DAYTON!

When Eva met DAYTON, her Medical Alert Assistance Dog, her life began to change!  DAYTON is a handsome Golden Retriever and is there to help Evaevery day by alerting to any changes in her medical symptoms, retrieving items she may need that are out of reach, and helping to assist her a multitude of tasks when she is having difficulty. 

Most importantly, DAYTON has given Eva the confidence she was needing to become a dynamic, independent adult!   Just knowing that she has DAYTON’s constant love and support gives Eva the strength and courage to face each and every challenge that comes her way!

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