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Eric Thompson, USMC Veteran & BANNER

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Eric is a USMC veteran, who owns his own DJing entertainment business in the Wilmington, NC area. He is truly at home when he is working, and loves what he does. His combat experiences while on active duty led to his diagnosis of PTSD.  When Eric is not doing what he loves at work, he finds himself on high alert, anxious and watching over his shoulder. He also experiences nightmares that prevent him from getting a good night’s sleep. Eric believes a Service Dog will help him step outside his comfort zone, and allow him to be more social and independent, as well as a better provider for his wife! 

Eric met BANNER in March 2023! Together, this team will go on many adventures, and live life to the fullest! BANNER will help Eric by paying attention when they are in loud and crowded spaces and will anchor his anxiety to allow him to refocus on the task at hand. This will allow Eric the peace of mind, knowing he is not alone, to step into his regained independence! BANNER will also interrupt negative behaviors, reminding Eric that she is always there to help!

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