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Ed Detoma, USAF Veteran & GIBBS

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Ed served as a firefighter in the United States Air Force. During his time in service, he was often exposed to jet fuel, which led to his current symptoms. After surgery in the early 1990’s, Ed was left with a traumatic brain injury. He experiences night terrors, which in the past have caused him to lash out and fall out of bed, resulting in a concussion (twice). He also experiences balance issues and has trouble with memory. Ed believes a Service Dog will improve his quality of life by helping him remain safe while sleeping, and while mobile. 

Ed and GIBBS bumped in September 2022. GIBBS is a smart and motivated Golden Retriever, who will help Ed by interrupting negative behaviors, retrieving dropped items and bracing as Ed transitions to different terrain. Welcome to the paws4people family, Ed and GIBBS – we look forward to watching your journey unfold! 

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