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Dustin was a Virginia State Trooper. In August of 2015 he was dispatched to the “call that changed his life”. He had responded to several calls in the past: suicides, attempted suicides, pulling a small child from a pond and numerous accident scenes. This call was different. This call was incredibly gruesome and graphic. He was not prepared for what he saw and he hasn’t been the same since that night. He has panic attacks, uncontrollable crying spells, anxiety, fear, night terrors, insomnia and even has had teeth chattering episodes due to being afraid.

TAHOE bumped with Dustin in February of 2017. TAHOE will help Dustin by anchoring when he is nervous, upset and feeling like he is about to panic. TAHOE will also help with interrupting negative behaviors and alerting Dustin when people approach him from behind.

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