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Dr. Ben Friberg & MEADOW

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Dr. Ben Friberg is the Dentist, and owner, at Thrive Family Dental in Wilmington, NC. After seeing the amazing things paws4people dogs were doing, he knew he wanted a Facility Dog for his practice to help ease patient anxiety. His desire is to keep dentistry as low-stress as possible, and believes that having a Dog on staff will help decrease these negative feelings, as well as increasing their desire to go see a dentist. 

MEADOW is a wonderful asset to the Thrive Family Dental staff! She will work at each day to help reduce patient stress by cuddling with them while they are receiving treatment. She will also provide a positive focal point, bringing the patient’s attention away from their surroundings, by letting them pet her and putting them more at ease. 

MEADOW is a shining light at the Thrive office, brightening the day of all who meet her! We are excited to have Ben and MEADOW as a part of our paws4people family, and cannot wait to see all the lives they change together! 

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