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David Ward, USMC Veteran & SULLY

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David is a veteran of the USMC. He is diagnosed with PTSD, as well as diabetes, migraines, and anxiety, after his time in service, and his deployment to Iraq. For a long time, David believed that he was fine, but that everyone around him was just upsetting him. This lead to angry outbursts, and  constant frustration. He is hypervigilant, avoids loud or crowded places, and feels detached from his family and friends. David believes that having an Assistance Dog would help to bring him back down to earth, and help him from feeling angry all the time. As the father to two young children, he hopes that their seeing Dad happy again will bring the family closer together once more. 

In February 2020, David bumped with SULLY! SULLY will assist David by paying attention when they are in crowded places, and alerting him to people coming up behind him. This will help David with his hypervigilance, and keep him from watching over his shoulder constantly. SULLY will also anchor to David’s anxiety. With SULLY as his battle buddy, we know there is nothing that David can’t do! 

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