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Daryl Johnson, USMC & USANG Veteran & BARROW

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Daryl is a 4 year veteran of the USMC, and also spent 3 years in the Army National Guard after 9/11. He is diagnosed with PTSD and TBI after running over a landmine while deployed to Iraq. He experiences heightened anxiety when out in public, as well as frequent nightmares, irritability and a lack of focus. This has caused Daryl to lose interest in hobbies he once enjoyed, and detach from the relationships that used to be important to him. He is also diagnosed with CAD. This causes him to get very dizzy if he has to bend over to pick things up, and he has passed out on occasion. He hopes that having an Assistance Dog will allow him to get out of the house once again, and really live his life.

Daryl met BARROW, a Golden Retriever in March 2019. BARROW will help Daryl by anchoring to his anxiety and retrieving items that are out of his reach. BARROW will also alert others that Daryl needs help when he has fallen or passed out due to his CAD. BARROW will be influential in giving Daryl his life back, and we are so thrilled to have them as a part of the paws4people family.

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