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CPO John Fleming, USN (ret.) & MERCER

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My name is John Fleming. I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I joined the US Navy on my 17th birthday in November 1979. I served for 23 years in many different areas of conflict under varying types of circumstances. When I was discharged I was diagnosed with leg and back nerve issues and PTS. As a result of my time in the service, I have suffered with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

My children made the initial contact of finding paws4people and paws4vets in the hope of getting some help for their father. Since retiring from the military I constantly have feelings of being alone, out of place, angry at people who did not understand what my suffering with PTS was all about. I have had nightmares for over 30 years and have on occasion been on the verge of suicide.

With the help of MERCER, I have been able to improve my quality of life. I am able to go out in public more regularly and feel more comfortable around people. MERCER has given me that added impetus to get out and get going on a new life for both myself, my family and my friends.

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