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CPO Andrew Hawley, USN (ret.) & HICKORY

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Drew has devoted his entire adult life to his country, serving in the Navy for 19 years. However, it was his traumatic childhood that has led to his diagnosis of Depression and Anxiety. While he has come to terms with his upbringing, they have left lasting effects on his every day life. He experiences flashbacks of the events, and finds himself detached from relationships with friends and family. Drew has trouble sleeping, lacks focus and is easily startled or angered. He believes that an Assistance Dog will help him get through the day’s tough moments, allowing him to begin building meaningful and lasting relationships once again. 

When Drew met HICKORY, he knew it was the start of something wonderful! HICKORY is a yellow Lab who will walk by Drew’s side, and help him by anchoring to his anxiety, alerting him to rising panic levels, and interrupting negative behaviors. Together, there is nothing this team cannot do!

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