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Cpl Seth Eure, USMC (ret.) & HARRIS II

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Seth spent 4 years in the US Marine Corps as a Rifleman, where he deployed to Afghanistan. He is diagnosed with PTSD, as well as traumatic brain injury. While on a training exercise, it was also discovered that Seth deals with Atrial Fibrillation, and was told he could not return to full duty. Because of this, Seth has vertigo, trouble remembering things, suffers from migraines, and finds himself hypervigilant. Seth also has trouble sleeping due to frequent nightmares, and experiences flashbacks on a regular basis. His hope is that having an Assistance Dog will be the tool he needs to cope with his diagnoses, while also giving him the freedom to once again live a full and normal life.

In July 2019, Seth met HARRIS – a Golden Retriever who will walk through life as his new best friend. HARRIS will help Seth by paying attention when they are out in crowded places, and alerting others if Seth needs medical attention. HARRIS will also wake Seth from nightmares, allowing him a more restful night’s sleep. Working together as a team, we know there is nothing that Seth and HARRIS will not be able to do – and we couldn’t be happier to watch them grow as a team.

HARRIS II was named by The Rotary Club of Wilmington.

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