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Cpl. Joe Rodriguez, USMC (ret.) & CALDWELL

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Joe is a 23 year old USMC veteran who was medically retired in June of 2018. While deployed to Iraq in 2016, his unit was hit with an IDF rocket, resulting in his TBI and hearing loss. Joe is also diagnosed with PTSD. He often experiences debilitating panic attacks, and feels depressed most days. He avoids people and places, lacks interest in activities he once enjoyed, and has trouble focusing. He believes that he is doing the best he can, but knows that it is not enough.

CALDWELL is Joe’s new best friend – a Golden Retriever who will walk through life with him, always at his side. CALDWELL will alert to Joe’s rising anxiety, as well as paying attention in crowded places. This will allow Joe the confidence to leave his home and go about his daily life without the constant fear of what is going to happen next. We know this team is going to do great things together – and are beyond happy to have them in our paws4people family.

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