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Christopher Twohig, USMC Veteran & MCLELLAN

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Christopher spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. After being involved in an LAV accident, he was diagnosed with PTSD and TBI. The TBI causes daily migraines, as well as balance issues, causing him to walk with a cane. Christopher feels depressed and anxious all the time, and doesn’t want to leave his home. He has trouble sleeping, and feels disconnected from his young family. Christopher takes life one painful day at a time, and does not look beyond the next day. He hopes that having an Assistance Dog will help him rebuild the relationship with his family, allowing him to be the family man, and dad, that they deserve. 

In July 2020, Christopher met MCLELLAN. A sweet Lab with beautiful amber eyes, MCLELLAN took one look at Christopher, and knew he’d met his match! He will help Christopher by anchoring to his anxiety and paying attention in loud and crowded places. MCLELLAN will also help Christopher by waking him from nightmares, and alerting others that he needs medical attention when he falls due to balance issues. Christopher and MCLELLAN are a great team – and we look forward to seeing where their journey takes them! 

MCLELLAN is a Tribute Puppy named in honor of Bob McLellan.

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