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Chris is usually an outgoing, friendly and energetic young man who has trouble getting out of bed, as well as his home some days because his depression takes over. He is diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. He feels like this is holding him back from being the person he could be, and that it has taken a toll on his friendships and relationships, as well as his future. He experiences frequent panic attacks, lacks energy, and never feels calm or at peace. Chris feels that an Assistance Dog would give him the motivation to get out into society, leaving the confines of his home, and socializing with his friends and family once again.

In July 2019, Chris met TRITON – a lovable Golden Retriever. TRITON will be there to help Chris get out of bed, and out of the house, giving him motivation to reintegrate into society on a regular basis once again. TRITON will alert to Chris’s rising anxiety levels, interrupt negative behaviors, and will retrieve items for Chris that are out of his reach. This will help Chris walk through life with his head held high, knowing his best friend is always there for him! We are excited to see the work these two will do together!

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