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Celia is an intelligent, active young woman who is diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety.  She participates in her local rowing team while maintaining an A+ average.  She is very self-motivated but often struggles in social group settings.  Celia’s parents note that the last two years have been especially hard; they want her to find joy in life and thrive as she matures into early adulthood.  Celia believes a Service Dog will help her gain the confidence she is lacking and give her the independence to succeed and lead a fulfilling, happy life!

Celia met WELLS in April 2021! WELLS is a playful and fun-loving Golden Retriever who will help Celia by anchoring to help calm her anxiety. He will also help by interrupting negative behaviors and paying attention in crowded places. We are happy to have Celia and WELLS as part of our paws4people family and look forward to the wonderful things these two will do as a team! 

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