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Carly graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. While at UNCW, she was an intern/volunteer at the Puppy Development Center. She gives one hundred percent to all her endeavors, but some of her efforts are hindered by challenges related to PTS and OCD, as a result of sexual assaults. Carly tends to avoid large crowds and social situations. She stays on high alert most days. She struggles to complete tasks efficiently, deals with chronic pain, and often does not sleep well.

RIVER chose Carly in August 2017. RIVER will assist Carly by anchoring her to the present moment, behavior interruption, and cuddling to ease her anxiety. Carly also hopes that RIVER will help bridge the gap to mend and make new relationships with friends and family. We think Carly and RIVER will make a great working team!

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