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CAPT Ken Laube, USN (ret.) & PEARL

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Ken spent over 30 years in service to the US Navy. After a deployment to Afghanistan, he was diagnosed with PTSD. Ken lives daily with the memories of that deployment, friends lost and trauma encountered while he and his medical team were overseas. He experiences outbursts of anger, and is easily irritable. He isolates himself from friends and family, experiences flashbacks, and lacks focus. Ken wishes everyday that he had better control over his emotions, and is hopeful that a Dog will help pull him out of his own destructive thoughts, and allow him to lead a healthy and happy life with his family once again. 

In January 2020, Ken met PEARL, a beautiful Golden Retriever who’s love is infectious! PEARL will be by Ken’s side every day to help him by anchoring to his anxiety and alerting him to his change in moods. She will also pay attention in busy places. This will help Ken focus on the task at hand, allowing him to be more productive when out and about. PEARL has a heart as golden as her coat, and we cannot wait to see the things these two will do together! 

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