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Capt Jeff Horwitz, USMC (ret.) & BLU

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Jeff spent 13 years is the USMC. He is diagnosed with PTS, depression and anxiety stemming from his time in combat. He lost all interest in life and could not see joy or happiness anywhere. He deals with hyper-vigilance, startles easily, and finds it difficult to be in loud and crowded places. He applied to paws4people because he wanted a companion to help him deal with the emotions associated with his service time.’

In May of 2018, Jeff met BLU! They became fast friends! BLU is a golden retriever who will help Jeff by alerting to his panic attacks, and retrieving medications to help him mitigate his symptoms. BLU will also anchor to calm anxiety, as well as behavior interruption. BLU will make life more enjoyable for Jeff and help him get back a part of himself that he feels he has been missing for a long time.

BLU was named by Mariko Malm.

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