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HMCS Bryan Callahan, USN (ret.) & VERA

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Bryan retired after 20 years of Active Duty in the US Navy. Bryan completed five deployments in Okinawa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He is diagnosed with epilepsy, TBI and PTSD. Bryan  is always worried about having a seizure when he is out somewhere, and this constant worry leads to heightened anxiety when in social settings. Bryan’s seizures have caused him to fall and injure himself, often leading to hospitalization and broken bones. Additionally, Bryan’s PTSD has added further stress, often leaving him feeling detached from others and in a constant state of alert.  He has a wonderfully supportive family, and is hopeful that a Service Dog will allow him some peace of mind and help him regain some independence. 

VERA bumped with Bryan in June 2023. VERA will help Bryan by responding after a seizure, providing deep pressure therapy, and laying with him until help arrives. VERA will also retrieve medication for Bryan, and other items out of his reach, and will alert his family members if he needs help while they are at home. 

Welcome to the paws4people family, Bryan! We can’t wait to see your journey with VERA! 

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