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Brittan is a young man who has had multiple open-heart surgeries, as well as 3 strokes at his very early age. This has left him with no use of his right hand and arm, limited use of his left hand and arm, and he walks with a limp, causing balance issues. He also experiences seizures, which on occasion have caused him to fall and hit his head. While Brittan is a happy young man who does not let his special abilities get him down, his family hopes that having an Assistance Dog in his life will add an additional level of safety, allow him to feel more confident and independent, and help bridge the gap in interactions with his peers.

When Brittan met PHOENIX, a fun-loving Golden Retriever, it was an instant match! PHOENIX will help Brittan by alerting to seizures or cardiac events, as well as bracing while they are walking on uneven surfaces, to help with balance issues. He will also be there to retrieve items that are out of Brittan’s reach, as well as daily tasks such as dressing and undressing. With PHOENIX’s help, Brittan will be able to achieve the independence that he has been longing for!

PHOENIX was named by Loudoun Country Day School.

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