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Brianna McLellan & SCHROEDER

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While Brianna was a student in high school, her school went on lockdown due to the presence of an armed individual. The fear of the unknown led Brianna to feel unsafe in the school setting. This was later exacerbated when Brianna was shopping at a local mall with her family, and a large fight broke out, with shots fired. She is diagnosed with C-PTSD and Generalized Anxiety. Brianna often feels anxious in public, and cannot focus on the task at hand. She is hypervigilant, and lacks the desire to get out of the house and enjoy life. She believes having a Service Dog will give her back her confidence she is lacking, while allowing her to cope with her PTSD.

Brianna met and matched with SCHROEDER, a black Lab, in November 2021. SCHROEDER will help Brianna daily by anchoring to her anxiety, and paying attention in crowded places, to minimize her hypervigilance. He will also cuddle Brianna as she works through tough emotions, and interrupt negative behaviors. Together, these two will do great things!

SCHROEDER was named by Dogtopia of Dulles.

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