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Brianna Fitton & PAWLEY

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Briana is a young woman who is diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. She experiences low blood sugars that come on suddenly, without her recognizing it right away. She also experiences lows during the night that she doesn’t recognize while sleeping, and it keeps her parents awake at night worrying. As Briana enters adulthood, she believes an Assistance Dog would help her gain her independence, while also easing her parents mind when she is out on her own. 

Briana met PAWLEY in September 2020! PAWLEY is a handsome and smart Goldador who will help Briana by alerting to her low blood sugar, retrieving medicine or medical devices for her, and alerting others if she needs medical attention. These two are a wonderful team, and we are thrilled to have them as part of the paws4people family!

PAWLEY was named by The Anne Spychala Family Charitable Foundation.

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