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SSgt Brendan VanDalinda, USMC (ret.) & ALLY

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Brendan spent 8 years as an Infantry Marine. He was diagnosed with PTSD after his deployment in 2017, but remained on active duty to complete his enlistment. He has dealt with issues with anxiety, depression, mood swings and issues sleeping. In 2019, Brendan was also Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. After different treatments and procedures, he has been able to beat the disease twice and is now cancer free! He is resilient and believes that having a Service Dog will give him the added confidence he needs to interact with people, and ultimately live a happy and fulfilling life! 

Brendan met ALLY is December 2022. A sweet Black Lab, ALLY will walk through life’s twists and turns with Brendan, reminding him that she always has his six! She will anchor to his increasing anxiety and will pay attention in public places, allowing him to focus on the task at hand. She will also perform behavior interruption. These two are a phenomenal team, and we look forward to their many adventures together!

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