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Brandon Kear, USMC Veteran & MOORE

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Brandon served in the USMC and was honorably discharged. He served in Iraq (OIF) and returned home only to have a mini stroke. Upon further testing he was found to have Vertebrobasilar Disease (VBD). VBD causes restricted blood flow to his brain and causes him to have dizzy spells and his heart rate must stay below 140 bpm. He no longer does vigorous activities and will isolate himself from others. When alone he thinks about combat and about how lucky he was to come home from Iraq only to be diagnosed with something that could kill him. Brandon is diagnosed with PTS and VBD.

MOORE bumped with Brandon in December 2016. MOORE will help Brandon by helping him with balance, retrieving, behavior interruption and anchoring when he is anxious. This team will do wonderful things together!

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