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Boyd Weese, USN Veteran & LOGAN

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Since hearing about paws4people in college, I’ve followed this amazing foundation and watched it grow. Little did I know that I would become a client and part of such a wonderful Family.

I served over eight years in the US Navy as a nuclear operator on an aircraft carrier. After quickly rising through the ranks and reaching the pinnacle of my young career I was unfortunate to have a severe injury to my left hip which placed me in a limited duty status. After labral repair to my left hip and a quick recovery, I found out that I would need the same surgery on my right hip.

Seemingly all better, I thought I was off to the fleet to resume my place. During the recovery process I tore my plantaris tendon in my right calf, which would result in my medical separation. Over two years were spent in this limited duty limbo and with the constant roller coaster ride of highs and lows I quickly felt worthless not being able to do the job I endured years of training for and anxiety and depression set in. I sought out therapy and learned of my anxiety disorder. After being prescribed with lots of different meds I realized I wanted to seek alternative means of therapy vice chemically treating it. With the blessing of my therapist I quickly thought of the paws4vets program and placed my application.

I bumped in July 2-14 and LOGAN chose me, I couldn’t have been any more lucky! After just three training sessions I began to develop an unbreakable bond and learned so much more about myself and my disorder with the help of LOGAN! I have always felt so welcome in being a part of the paws4people family. From the clients that I share a bond with to all of the trainers, mentors, and others involved in the process I’ve felt like I’m a part of such a great wonderful thing, and feel so blessed to be welcomed into such an awesome Family!

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