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Betsy is a charismatic, kind-hearted young girl, who is diagnosed with anxiety disorder and pedatric Bipolar Disorder 1. Her diagnoses cause her to have difficulties regulating her emotions, and keeping her mind and body calm. This previously led to Betsy having difficulty thriving in school, extracurriculars and social activities. In recent years, Betsy has found a good combination of treatments and a supportive school environment, but Mom and Dad believe the additional support of an Assistance Dog at home would be a huge benefit to her well-being! 

HILTON walked into Betsy’s life in 2020, and a new friendship was born! HILTON is a goofy, affectionate Goldador who will help Betsy by alerting to her rising anxiety, and will cuddle with her to help her refocus when she is experiencing tough emotions. He will also help Betsy by interrupting negative behaviors. HILTON and Betsy are a great team, and we look forward to the wonderful things this team will accomplish together!

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