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Ava is afflicted with a mysterious illness that left her in a wheelchair for 2 years with little use of her legs and left side. Before DAPHNE, she had little inspiration to strive for recovery and was complacent with her ailment. Without a name to the illness that felled her, there was no other treatment option then hard work in the physical therapy department, and she had no motivation to do that alone. 

Enter, DAPHNE; they underwent rigorous physical therapy and took their first steps out of Ava’s wheelchair together in 2017. As a Mobility Assistance Dog, DAPHNE helps Ava manage chronic pain and muscle spasms by applying deep pressure therapy to Ava and she helps make spasms/nerve flashes less painful for her.  She also helps Ava mitigate her anxiety by grounding her when her mind starts to wander. When it comes to walking up stairs and standing up from the ground, DAPHNE helps Ava by bracing to help her stand and stabilize.

Most of all, DAPHNE helps Ava navigate life with a disability by wagging her tail and a offering a smile! DAPHNE has allowed Ava to live her life to its fullest extent despite her many struggles.

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