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Ari Berntsen & WARREN

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Ari has been a Paramedic since 2011. After being called to multiple distressing calls over the years, Ari was diagnosed with PTSD in 2016. She experiences flashbacks, panic attacks, and night terrors. Ari struggles to leave the house by herself, and outdoor activities that once gave her great joy and freedom now leave her in an anxious state. Ari knows that an Assistance Dog is not a cure, but believes having one in her life will help her regain her independence and find her new “normal”.

In July of 2018, Ari met WARREN, a handsome Golden Retriever – and instantly a friendship blossomed. WARREN will help Ari by anchoring to her anxiety and waking her from night terrors. WARREN will also help by paying attention when out in loud, crowded places, and alerting her to people approaching from behind, giving Ari the peace of mind to venture out on her own, and reclaim her life!

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