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Amos is a bright young boy with autism who struggles with self-regulating, socialization and connecting with his peers. He experiences anxiety, has difficulty with transitions, and has meltdowns when overwhelmed, and struggles to communicate his needs and feelings. These meltdowns prevent his family from participating in everyday activities as onlookers sometimes fail to understand the situation. Amos’s family is hopeful that an Assistance Dog will not only bridge the lack of understanding between their community and Amos, but also allow Amos to participate in activities like the other children his age.

When Amos met HONOR in December 2019, his smile lit up the room! He knew this was going to be his new best friend! HONOR is a sweet and playful Golden Retriever who will be there to help Amos by providing deep tactile pressure, anchoring to his anxiety, and interrupting his negative behaviors. Having HONOR by his side, Amos will learn to redirect his attention and focus when he is unable to communicate his feelings, knowing that she loves him unconditionally and without judgment! We know that together, there is nothing these two cannot do!

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