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Amanda is a 1997 Graduate of West Liberty University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Her journey with paws4people® and paws4prisons® began in 2014 through her position with the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation as the division Program Mentor the paws4prisons® Programs in West Virginia. She immediately knew that she wanted to become more involved with paws4people® outside of her normal work assignment.   The opportunity to be a part of their Ambassador Program brought CREIGHTON into her life in 2015. Over the years, CREIGHTON has brought comfort, smiles and joy to everyone that she meets. Amanda and CREIGHTON visit schools, nursing homes and holds public events to spread awareness about paws4people®, paws4prisons® and Assistance Dogs.

While visiting schools, they have reading programs for the students to read to CREIGHTON. The confidence and smiles that the students have while reading to CREIGHTON is priceless! They also have small art sessions with adults and children for them to transform CREIGHTON’S pawprints into unique masterpieces. One of their favorite places to volunteer together is the North Star Child Advocacy Center in Parkersburg, WV. While there, CREIGHTON bring comfort to child victims during the forensic interview process, as well as providing deep pressure therapy as they share their stories. CREIGHTON also spends time with the CAC staff as they decompress after forensic interviews.

In her role as the WVDCR paws4prisons® Mentor, she has the unique opportunity to see the daily progress of the Assistance Dogs in Training. She often supervises evening and weekend outings for the Assistance Dogs in Training to go to various locations for exposure to new environments, people, sounds, etc. Amanda is also an Evaluator for annual Assistance Dog Certifications.  

Amanda is forever grateful for the opportunity part of paws4people® and to continue to pay it forward with CREIGHTON by her side!

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