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Alethea Jenkins & COLLIER

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Alethea is the owner and director of Jenkins Preschool Academy in Wilmington North Carolina. COLLIER has been in the preschool since the Fall of 2017. COLLIER and Alethea work together to encourage and enhance students’ various social and emotional developmental skills. COLLIER also adds an exciting component to the many hands-on learning activities in the daily preschool environment. Some ways students learn with COLLIER are by watching her “count”, seeing her dressed in costumes to go along with weekly themes, and learning to identify COLLIER’s special way of communicating with them.  Alethea and COLLIER love seeing each smiling face every day, and COLLIER makes JPA feel like a home away from home.  

Alethea was a 2021 Children’s Champion Honoree with Smart Start of New Hanover County.

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